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Whether you are looking for a relationship revamp or hoping to ensure you grow together, we have options to suit your needs. These sessions are 90 minutes.

One of the greatest pleasures in life is to find a compatible life partner.  Unfortunately, the road to bliss is sometimes a little bumpy. Cheryl practices the Gottman process for couples therapy.  Gottman Therapy focuses on the proven science of relationships and gives couples tangible, realistic and actionable tools  that are introduced in therapy to be intentionally used in their everyday lives.  These are simple tools that have profound results! 



Helping youth to grab onto their potential and do great things! 

One of the most difficult experiences to undergo and observe is when we see our beloved youth struggle.  Being a youth today is fraught with elements of life that prior generations didn't have to deal with.  As a teacher, Cheryl saw many struggling youth in her classroom and feels that the majority of youth issues stem from three topics - anxiety, depression and self esteem.  For these reasons, this is a passion area for Cheryl and she has taken additional training in all of these areas to be of the greatest assistance to youth.  None of these issues need to be a life sentence and with some simple tools our youth are able to grab onto their potential and do great things!

Young Women Brainstorming


We offer Discovery, True Colors and Be the Light Seminars.

Discovery Seminars
These Seminars are a unique three part series of professional growth training.

True Colors
True Colors is a fun, entertaining and educational 2 hour seminar on helping us figure out not only our personality and the personality of others around us but also how we can all co-exist while recognizing our strengths.

Be The Light
This course is developed for teenagers and a mentor of their choice.  It is very interactive and provides a unique opportunity for connection,  both at the course itself and in follow-up activities. 



Our individual counselling conversations are scheduled for 50 minutes.

Sometimes in life we all need a bit of help overcoming a stubborn obstacle that is limiting us from being our best.  Having someone to talk to through some issues with, is often all that is needed to get us through these elements of restriction. To be in an environment of non-judgement, trust, acceptance and compassion is the promise made when you step into counseling with Cheryl.



Looking for some personal or relationship Professional Development? We have a retreat option for you.

Are you getting ready to walk down the aisle? Maybe you are looking to 'Find Your Power'? Your relationship might be ready for a revamp? We have retreats that can be customized for women and couples. 

If you are interested in attending one of our upcoming Retreats, click HERE to join a waitlist.

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Play Therapy

Currently PAUSED until COVID-19 resolution. describes: 'Play therapy is a form of therapy used primarily for children. That’s because children may not be able to process their own emotions or articulate problems to parents or other adults.

While it may look like an ordinary playtime, play therapy can be much more than that.

A trained professional can use playtime to observe and gain insights into a child’s problems. The therapist can then help the child explore emotions and deal with unresolved trauma. Through play children can learn new coping mechanisms and how to redirect inappropriate behaviours.'

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