True Colours 

2 hour session

True Colors is a fun, entertaining and educational 2 hour seminar on helping us figure out not only our personality and the personality of others around us but also how we can all co-exist while recognizing our strengths.  Expect to laugh and have a few 'A HA's'!!  This is a great team building exercise for businesses, organizations, families and sports organizations - practically everyone! This is an extremely powerful tool that can maximize your understanding of everyone in your life. 

Be The Light

3 hour session

Research shows that if our youth have just one person in their world who totally believes in them and who has their back at all times, the chance of success for that youth escalates astronomically.  Oftentimes though, we don't know how to get there, what questions to ask and how to respond. Cheryl developed this course when she was a teacher and witnessed the amazing results seen in its participants. This course is developed for teenagers and a mentor of their choice.  It is very interactive and provides a unique opportunity for connection,  both at the course itself and in follow-up activities.