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We offer many different types of retreats and comprehensive counseling options.
If you are interested in
Ready to Walk Down the Aisle or Find Your Power please join the waitlist. 

Ready to Walk Down the Aisle

You have found the love of your life and are looking forward to a life filled with happiness.  Visions of wonderful years ahead float through your dreams.  This is awesome - and the truth is that successful relationships take a lot of work.  Many people commit to a serious relationship without having a lot of problem solving solutions. By establishing the use of some tools and strategies to use everyday to sustain the positive momentum, or to use when life gets a little rough, your relationship stands in good stead to have those dreams become reality.  This is a weekend retreat with 3-4 other couples where you will be given very simple tools to help your relationship blossom and endure.  This is a very interactive process where the focus is on you as a couple and will involve many activities geared toward strengthening your bond before you say 'I DO' so that you can enjoy walking through life with your partner always by your side.


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Find Your Power

As we go through life we tend to become someone's daughter, someone's wife, someone's mom, the volunteer, the worker, the caretaker of all.  At the end of the day we are so used to being someone's somebody that we aren't really sure who we are anymore or what our purpose in life is.  In our quest to look after others, we rarely take time to commit to self-care and reflection on our own life.  This is a weekend retreat with a group of other women to help us find clarity in what it is that we need to do to keep ourselves happy and evolving.  Join us for a weekend that truly will change your life!  Please sign up on the waiting list and you will be contacted. 


Join the wait list for this service by clicking HERE.

Marathon Couples

Sometimes weekly counseling sessions are not what is needed.  Some relationships are in crisis and they need immediate and intensive support. This retreat is a weekend dedicated to counseling with Cheryl and a single couple.  The advantage to this is that issues are worked through until resolution is reached, rather than being restricted by the time limit of a weekly session.  This is a difficult process and total commitment is needed to undertake it. There will be breaks during the weekend that will reinforce the concepts of self care, wellness and balance. There will be a required one and a half hour both prior to and following the weekend.  Please contact Cheryl directly for this service.

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