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After over a decade in the field of education Cheryl decided it was time to follow a new passion and enter into counselling.  Supporting couples and youth is something Cheryl has been doing informally "over the kitchen counter" for years. In efforts of continuing to help people and join a new professional field, Cheryl went back to school and received her professional certification in Registered Counselling, also designated by the Canadian Professional Counselling Association. 


Cheryl is a community volunteer, coach, world traveller, farm kid, sports enthusiast and proud mother of 3 adult children. She has led countless workshops to support youth with self esteem and she is dedicated to helping youth work through mental illness and support couples in growing together. With training in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Dialectic Behavioural Therapy (DBT) and Play Therapy and extensive experience with middle years teenagers Cheryl works with youth to gain tools to use anxiety and stress as fuel for positive growth. Her work with couples follows a scientific approach based in the Gottman Technique to ensure her efforts are proof and fact based and not centred solely around emotion. 


Simply stated, Cheryl wants to help people grow and to help them get through barriers to achieve their potential.

  • Kinesiology Degree, University of Saskatchewan

This was Cheryl’s first degree and deals with health from the physical side.  She learned many different techniques and disciplines to help people perform at their physical best.  She used this knowledge to guide many people on their path to physical wellness.  While completing this degree her interest was piqued regarding a more holistic view of health.

After many years away from school. Cheryl packed up her three young children and headed off to obtain her Education degree with the intention of focusing her interest at the middle and high school levels.  Cheryl feels that these are times of incredible stress and confusion and she wanted to be able to help students navigate these paths with better success and lower stress. This age group has really become a passion area for her.

  • Bachelor of Education, University of Saskatchewan

After years in the classroom, Cheryl recognized that there was a consistent pattern happening.  Her students were being limited in their academic, social, athletic and artistic pursuits because of some of the mental challenges that they were facing.  With always being able to establish rapport with this age group she decided to take some extra training to gain the credentials to accompany her experience to be able to help them.  The result was a diploma in Professional Counseling.

  • Certified Counselling Program, Kelowna College of Professional Counseling

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